Business Self-Diagnostic Test

This free online self-diagnostic test will tell you what parts of the Managing my business program will be the most applicable for you. Using this self-diagnostic test, you will discover the strengths and the areas where you must improve in order to ensure success in your activities. The 50 question survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and focuses on marketing, sales, finance, time management, and human resources management.

*Please note: N/A indicates that the question does not apply to my business.

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Self-diagnostic questionnaire


Are your clients loyal and regular?

Do you know your value proposition?

Do you have a marketing plan?

Do you know which marketing strategies to use for your business?

Are you getting the maximum return for your advertising investment?

Do you know how to separate yourself from your competitors?

Are your main business activities (products and services) difficult to replicate?

Is your web-presence strong (are you easy to find) and well-reputed?

Do you use social media to promote your business?

Are you certain that your service offer is what your clients are looking for?


Do you have difficulties closing a sale?

Do you know what makes your clients buy?

Do you know the potential of your clients?

Do you have difficulty dealing with objections from your clients?

Do you know how to make the most of difficult customers?

Do you know how to turn your clients into salespeople?

Do you know the modern trends in customer relations?

Do you know what your clients want?

Are you looking to give a WOW factor to your clients?

Do you know and apply the "LATTE" method when dealing with angry clients?


Do you have an extensive inventory?

Do you know the tax obligations as they apply to your type of business?

Are you able to allocate your fixed assets?

Do you understand the differences between source deductions, taxes payable and employer contributions?

Are you able to account for your production and/or cost prices?

Are you hesitant to determine your sales prices?

Do you think you have sufficient working capital/operating funds?

Can you tell the difference between your balance sheet and your income statement?

Are you able to make budget estimates?

Do you know your performance indicator?

Did you know that you can make your own tool to measure your financial performance?

Are you able to analyse your business numbers (financial ratios, operating margins…)?

Have you drawn up your operating budget?

Time Management

Have you ever felt that you were running in circles and the work keeps piling up?

Can you delegate certain tasks?

Do you have an efficient time management routine?

Are you being constantly interrupted during your work day?

Can you tell the difference between important and urgent?

Do you have the tools on hand to maximise your work performance?

Are you able to prioritize effectively?

Human Resources Management

Do you have a job description for the positions you are looking to hire?

Do you know which tools will enable you to reach the most potential candidates?

Do you have a new employee welcome package and process?

Are you familiar with human resources planning?

Do you have a development plan for your workforce or yourself?

Do you have a trades workforce requiring qualification?

Do you have high employee turnover?

During recruitment, do you have difficulty choosing between multiple candidates?

Do you believe that your employees are giving 100% for the success of the business?

Do you believe that team building and team work are important for you?