Thursday October 27th 2016 – During the annual Entrepreneuriat Quebec conference held at the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Centre, an official announcement was made for a “Diamond” partnership between one of Canada’s leaders in insurance and financial services, iA Groupe Financier (Industrielle Alliance, Assurance et services financiers inc.), and the leader in visionary entrepreneurship training, Entrepreneuriat Québec.

iA Groupe Financier, a prominent company in the domain of insurance and financial services in Canada, has chosen to support the non-profit organisation Entrepreneuriat Quebec by offering supplementary funding which will permit the organisation to continually update and provide services which will match the needs and realities of the entrepreneur of today and tomorrow.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce our contribution of $50,000 to Entrepreneuriat Quebec to  benefit the creation of training programs for Quebec’s entrepreneurs. It is essential for us to contribute to the development to the wealth of this province and we recognize the importance of entrepreneurs in this respect. With a presence throughout the entire entrepreneurial process (pre-start-up, starting up, continuing education, and post-start-up) and a proven reputation, Entrepreneuriat Quebec is the recognized partner designated to maximize the benefits for the entrepreneurs of this province.” said Mr. Denis Ricard, Executive vice-president, Insurance and annuities, iA Groupe Financier.

According to the website Tout pour Réussir, insurance and financial consultant careers are 29th on their list of the top 50 professional training programs for 2015 – 2016 (Top 50 des programmes d’études professionnelles et techniques 2015-2016). “As it is one of our missions to create training opportunities and accompany our students throughout their entrepreneurial process, it has become essential for us to take action in addressing the imminent recruitment needs for financial consultant advisors. It was at this point that we decided to come together with a leader in this domain.” Stated Mr. Michel Ross, Entrepreneuriat Quebec’s outgoing Board of Director’s President for the 2015 – 2016 year.

“This partnership shows the exceptional level of confidence in what we do with our members in all regions of Quebec. As a non-profit organisation, we must challenge ourselves daily to maximize our relevance and innovation in order to meet our mission’s goals. We invest our experience and our passion in order to offer the highest quality material and teaching approach possible for our Lancement d’une entreprise, Starting a business, and Gérer efficacement mon entreprise programs.” Emphasized Mr. Michaël Giguère, general director, Entrepreneuriat Québec.

The investment by iA Groupe Financier will enable Entrepreneuriat Québec to develop and update its offer of services and products for its members who are largely comprised of Quebec school boards, students in the programs: Lancement d’une entrepriseStarting a business and Gérer efficacement mon entreprise  as well as graduate entrepreneurs; all while maintaining their place as the leader in training the entrepreneurs of Quebec’s tomorrow.

About iA Groupe Financier

Founded in 1892, iA Groupe Finanacier offers life and health insurance, savings and retirement plans, mutual and segregated funds, securities, auto and home insurance, mortgages, and car loans as well as other financial products and services for individuals, businesses and groups. iA Groupe Financier is one of the four largest life and health insurance companies and belongs with the largest public corporations in Canada. They can be found on the Toronto Stock Exchange trading as IAG.


About Entrepreneuriat Québec

Entrepreneuriat Québec is a non-profit organisation that supports Quebec’s school boards with their entrepreneurship training program. To date, the organisation counts on a network of over 600 teachers across 52 school boards, serving all the regions in Quebec throughout over 100 service centres. The programs have received over 22,000 registrations from the 4 corners of the province since 2007, of which 51% are female and 49% are male. This year, the Entrepreneuriat Quebec network is training almost 5,000 perspective entrepreneurs with their programs. Of these, 57% in the Lancement d’une Entreprise/Starting a Business program are planning on starting their businesses within a year of graduating the program.